5th January 2015

I can’t believe it’s be over yet ! It’s was dramatic, stunning, gorgeous. I want to go back a next time ! Thanks to follow me during my holiday, if someone decides to go in Australia, call me because now I’ve a lot of contacts and information.

CUL8R for my next travel !

4th January 2015

 Happy New Years!

 To celebrate this new years, Louis make me a surprise, he took a road to Uluru with the friends that met in Melbourne ! We started to camp in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, It’s was fantastic, I’ve learn a lot of things about the aborigines like that the England prisoners who was transport in Australia maybe I’ve a family in Australia, I don’t know… I hope not.

Every day, we had a wonderful sight of the sunset and the sunrise, It’s was marvelous…

At the night we did a campfire, we sang, and we ate chamallow !

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28th December 2014

Hi everybody B!

 I’ve past two weeks yet and I’ve taken a road to Melbourne. Here, I’ve seen the Great Ocean Road, I think it’s the most beautiful coast road, I’ve never seen that IRL ! It’s was spectacular ! I still can’t believe it…

I’ve seen a lot of surfers here, so, I’ve tried and you really want to know ? I’m really crap !

But I meet a lot of persons fantastic and they invited me at evening with them on seaside with camp fire, Louis had a guitar so we dance and sing around the fire…

When I think about this I’m so nostalgic ! I hope that I would see them again…

Cameleers in Australia, Outback Australian Camels, Camel Safaris, Flinders Ranges, South Australia            vic_12ap3

Next day, Louis a friend that I’ve met the night B4 lives in Cairns so he brought me there. When we arrived Louis advised me to take a boat with an excursion to visit Queensland, Esplanade for if I want to swim in a lagoon. So, that it was I did ! And I have no regret ! It’s a relaxing place, for me it’s a better places in Australia ! After, Louis have waited me to do a scuba diving in Great barrier Reef. That’s gr8 ! I thank infinitely Louis because he made me discover a lot of things wonderful !

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21th December 2014

Hi ! B !

It was one week, that I’m in Sydney, I slept in host family, they was very nice with me.

They guide me and inform me to find the best areas to visit. I thank him very much, and now I’ll miss them. Thanks again !

So, I’ve visited Circular Quay, it’s magic, I was habituated to see this place on picture !

One side we can see the famous Sydney Opera House and the other l’Harbour Bridge that connect that downtown to the edge north.

On the downtown we have the lot of activities like parks, museum, aquarium, cinema and a lot of the places to discover ! I went to Sydney Tower, it’s amazing because, you can see Darling Harbour.

There are a lot of shop, it’s not too expensive and I could redo my wardrobe ! It’s fantastic ! LOL :’)


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15th December 2014

Hello my friends,

Today, I’ve taken the plane and I arrived in Australia at 18 o’clock and i stay for three weeks. It’s a first time that i take a plane and i be afraid of that but at the end i’ve loved and i’m so excited !

Now, i tell you all my travel and things to visit. CUL8R 11004053_1546094672312476_35868950_n

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